Welcome to the Osprey Specimen Group

The Osprey Specimen Group was formed in Autumn 2003 following the dissolution of the RMC Angling Specimen Group.

Our members enjoy pursuing specimen sized fish of most species, at all types of venues.

The group currently has around 25 members with specialists in most angling disciplines.

We have a lively and educational website, where members can put up their thoughts, problems, or experiences, and know they’ll get a barrage of good natured reposts, that will normally help, but will always be fun!

The group usually hold a few ‘fish-ins’ each year, to target different species and experience new venues, and we also produce within the group, a quarterly newsletter about members activities.

If you have the same feelings for your pastime as we do, and think joining us could have mutual benefits for us all, why not contact us for more information about The Osprey Specimen Group, please emailĀ clivebradleyfishing@gmail.com